Science & Art

Anne Thurmann-Jajes is head of the Centre for Artists’ Publications. With over 90 different archives, bequests, funds, and collections, the Centre for Artists’ Publications represents one of the largest and most significant inventories of published artworks in Europe. It counts among the most important institutions worldwide in the field of artists’ publications due to its outstanding inventories, its numerous exhibitions, and its tailored research activities. Comparable to a “museum within a museum,” the Centre constitutes an independent department within the Weserburg Museum for Modern Art and is cofunded by the University of Bremen and the Weserburg. 

The Centre was conceived by Anne Thurmann-Jajes in collaboration with Sigrid Schade, at that time a professor at the University of Bremen, as a means of integrating it into museum as well as university contexts. Since 1999, Thurmann-Jajes has developed the Centre into one of the leading institutions for the collection, archiving, research and mediation of artist publications worldwide.
Also since that time, Anne Thurmann-Jajes teaches at the Institute for science of art-film science-art education of the University of Bremen in the area of twentieth and twenty-first-century art, particularly contemporary art since World War II, with a special focus on the theory and practice of reproduced art. Thurmann-Jajes has planned and organized a large number of exhibitions and international conferences. Also she has edited numerous publications.